A realistic sex doll is an almost perfect replica of a woman with whom you can make love.

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Silicone sex torso

This website is out of date, we strongly recommend you to visite our new site : www.mysiliconelovedoll.com

Discover our silicone torso, ready for vaginal and anal sex.

Her silicone vagina and anal hole are specially designed to tight your penis and give you maximum pleasure during intercourse.<

Price : $290 USD
  • Material: silicone TPR
  • Lenght : 62cm
  • Dia : 30cm
  • Thickness : 17cm
  • Vaginal hole
  • Anal hole
  • Weight : 10kg





Silicone Vagina and anal holes are specially designed to give you maximum pleasure during intercourse :


  • Riddick on Silicone sex torsoI got my torso a few days ago and i have to admit that the intercourse sensation is amazing !
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